Our Grants

Over the past few years, SAPF has helped people in the region by making grants in six principal categories. Explore these grantee highlights and review the lists below to see our most recent grants.

  • Civic & Community

    Civic & Community

    Although we are not affiliated with the City of Summit in any way, we have a close relationship with the city. There are two ways we provide aid: awarding grants for special, non-traditional services or activities undertaken by the city, and acting as the city’s fiscal agent in special circumstances. For instance, we have contributed to the city’s effort to raise private funds for expansion of the community center. We also act as the city’s fiscal agent for collection of private donations for the community-center campaign, along with three prior city-sponsored fundraising efforts.

    Our vision of civic and community grants goes far beyond government innovation, however. It includes homelessness, food for the chronically hungry, advocacy for children, and subsidizing summer camp fees for children from low-income families.

    Since 2011, we have awarded more than $800,000 in grants for 60 civic and community-service programs.

  • Health


    Donors sometimes direct that their bequests be used for specific purposes. The Cole/Matreyek fund must be used to aid organizations providing health-related services, with an emphasis on the City of Elizabeth. Accordingly, SAPF has made many grants to the Trinitas Foundation for the benefit of its nursing school. The Trinitas Learning/Simulation Center is furnished with state-of-the-art simulation equipment such as high-fidelity patient simulators and computers. We are proud to have been part of bringing simulation technology to the school, which has twice been recognized by the National League for Nursing as a “Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.”

    Since 2011, SAPF has awarded 24 grants for health-related services, totaling more than $320,000.

  • Special Needs

    Special Needs

    The work of Summit Speech School has been of special importance for us over the years. We have often used money from the Ganner Fund, which focuses on organizations that aid young children suffering from disabilities. Summit Speech School helps children who are deaf or hard of hearing to learn to listen and talk. Part of the school’s effort involves working with parents of the children.

    In the past 10 years, SAPF has given Summit Speech School $280,000. Since 2011, we have made almost $800,000 in grants to help people with special needs.

  • Education


    Some grants address needs in a variety of categories. For instance, a 2015 grant to Paper Mill Playhouse helped to provide arts education for children with autism. That grant fostered wide-ranging results: Paper Mill was the country’s first professional theater to offer autism-friendly public performances. Its “Theater for Everyone” served 2,600+ children with autism, their siblings, and parents. Theater for Everyone also gave families social opportunities to interact with other families. Paper Mill partnered with another SAPF beneficiary, Horizon School, which serves children with cerebral palsy. Paper Mill Theatre School students recorded the lines for Horizon’s school play – literally adding their voices so that the non-verbal Horizon students with multiple disabilities could have a child’s wonderful opportunity to perform in the school play.

    We have awarded more than $300,000 in grants for education-related projects in the last five years.

  • Needs of the Elderly

    Needs of the Elderly

    SAGE Eldercare, serving the local elderly population for more than 60 years, is a frequent beneficiary of SAPF grants, having received more than $350,000 in the last ten years. We especially support SAGE’s program to help elderly people remain in their homes and to provide help, advice, and support to their relatives and caregivers. SAGE’s Guidance, Planning, and Support Services provide personalized care planning to maximize independence, safety, and well-being.

    In the last five years alone, we have awarded 23 grants to agencies providing services for the elderly, for a total of more than $410,000.

  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & Culture

    We are often able to accomplish multiple goals with a single award. Perhaps nowhere is this more common than with our arts and culture grants. For instance, our grants to the Dreamcatcher Repertory Theater have supported that acting company and also brought its work to audiences that might not otherwise see its performances. Recent grants to Dreamcatcher have allowed it to perform for patrons of the Connection for Women and Families and at the Summit Community Center, and also to stage special performances for elderly residents.

    Since 2011, we have awarded 35 grants to arts and cultural organizations, totaling $148,000.

Civic & Community Grants

Memorial and park restoration
Provide camping equipment and fee subsidies for lower-income members of the troop.
Backpacks for Summit students, part of Welcome Neighbors program
Backpacks for Summit students, part of Welcome Neighbors program
Volunteer advocates for foster children
Body armor vests for auxiliary officers
Distribute food to member agencies in Summit; bring the Family Backpack program to Summit; and increase distribution of diapers.
Food Distribution program in Summit
Community Services programs
Programs for the elderly, people learning English, and people with special needs
Create a garden at Summit Transfer Station
Children’s programs
Support new position to work with clergy and volunteers in congregations that provide temporary shelter for the homeless.
Support program for children and their parents after death of a loved one
School-based programs of grief management
Thrift shop renovations – sprinkler system or rental costs
Create series of video stories pertaining to civics and sustainability
Support and discussion group for mature women, especially those in transition.
Carbon monoxide monitors for patients
Summit community calendar
Contribution to a public fundraising project to supplement city funds for renovation and expansion of a major community facility.
Summer camp scholarships and counselor-training program
Fire alarm system, security cameras and control system in new building
Total Civic & Community Grants

Special Needs Grants

Upgrade Mt. Allamuchy facility to handicap accessibility
Adult treatment tables
Arts programs for Horizon School
Establish therapy-based play groups targeting infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities,
After school program for Summit area students with disabilities
Create new exam rooms and ancillary spaces in order to increase the number of children served
Construction and renovation of the space for social intervention programs serving all students.
Job placement programs for adults with disabilities
Staff training for Autism Center
Renovations for Summit group home
Repairs to three local homes for special-needs residents
Education and access programs for children with disabilities
Infant/toddler early intervention program
Individualized, home-based services for deaf children and their parents
Individualized, home-based services for deaf children and their parents
Design a sensory-friendly map of the institute’s physical spaces to better serve children and adults with disabilities.
Scholarships for students with learning disabilities
Winston Speaker Series
Total Special Needs Grants

Health Grants

Sun Safety awareness outreach campaign for youth
Skin-cancer prevention program in Summit schools
Peer support program for grieving youth
Eating disorder center for children
Provide Medicaid eligibility screening, education, and enrollment of uninsured patients in Union County.
Screen, education and enroll uninsured patients in Medicaid ACA
Emergency Department equipment
Purchase of simulation manikins used in nursing training
Total Health Grants

Elderly Grants

Performance geared to local seniors
Expand job placement services for people with significant disabilities.
SAGE guidance program to assist older adults in their homes
Services for elderly people living at home, and their caregivers
Reflections discussion group for women
Learning is For Ever Center – educational programs for seniors
Total Elderly Grants

Arts & Culture Grants

Senior Sing for Union County area seniors
Concert series to increase appreciation of classical music
Three performances for seniors
Branding & marketing program
Three performances at Reeves-Reed Arboretum
Provide support for a free concert.
May 2016 concert at Summit High School
Summer Music series
Upgraded lighting equipment for middle school & high school auditoriums
Young Audiences Competition & Concert
Provide support for a free concert in which professional musicians will play with the local community orchestra.
Art enrichment for seniors and children through cooperative programs with other Summit agencies.
Total Arts & Culture Grants

Education Grants

English-language tutoring for Summit students
Education and access programs
Child-care scholarships at the Learning Circle
Arts enrichment programs for low income K-8 Summit students
Total Education Grants
Total Recent Grants