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Create Your Own Legacy

SAPF can help you help others in Summit and the nearby area. We offer a variety of opportunities for you to leave your mark on the community through philanthropy. Click on the links below to see how others have used SAPF to create their legacies.

Learn How Others Created Their Legacies

  • Donna Ganner

    Donna Ganner

    Donna Ganner wanted to help children with disabilities. Upon her death, the Summit Area Public Foundation used her bequest to establish the Ganner Family Fund in accordance with her will.

    Mrs Ganner liked the idea of annual competitive grant awards, with special emphasis on the work of the Summit Speech School. She felt that SAPF provided the best combination of community focus and efficient management of her bequest.

    Although SAPF has made grants of more than $2.7 million from this fund, Mrs Ganner’s original bequest has grown by more than half under SAPF’s financial management.

  • Mary & Robert Strong

    Mary & Robert Strong

    Mary and Robert Strong were instrumental in starting the Summit Area Public Foundation. From filing the legal papers to raising funds, they were fully involved. In its first year under their leadership, SAPF awarded grants totaling $75.

    When the Strongs retired and moved out of the area, they made a large gift to SAPF that is being used for a variety of purposes.

  • Constance Cole-Metreyek

    Constance Cole-Metreyek

    During her lifetime, Constance Cole-Matreyek made generous annual contributions to SAPF. Each year, she met with a group of trustees to discuss how her gift had been used.

    Satisfied that SAPF was a good and careful steward, she created a fund to benefit health-related endeavors, with an emphasis on nursing education in Elizabeth NJ. She designated SAPF to administer her legacy.

    Each year, SAPF funds four scholarships for nursing students at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth.

    In addition, SAPF helped fund simulator mannequins used in training nurses. This program helped Trinitas earn a Center of Excellence award from the National League of Nursing.

  • Summit Recyclers

    Summit Recyclers

    Back when recycling was a new concept, a group of Summit residents founded Summit Resource Recovery Corporation, commonly known as the Recyclers, and began a voluntary program of recycling. The group raised money from the sale of recyclables and used that money to support scholarships and many civic organizations that helped it meet its primary goal.

    As recycling became increasingly common, the program grew into a government function. As a result, the Recyclers gave the remaining funds to SAPF, which now uses it to make grants for programs related to the environment.

  • Stella Datzko

    Stella Datzko

    Born during the Depression and orphaned while in college, Stella Datzko went on to an extraordinary career. She retired from the US Navy with the rank of commander. She was in the airline industry for some years, and finished her working life at AT&T.

    Living modestly and investing well, she decided to leave her entire estate to SAPF as unrestricted funds. This Summit resident believed that SAPF’s grantmaking program would help her benefit the community that she loved.

  • George Morrison Hubbard

    George Morrison Hubbard

    Three generations of George Morrison Hubbard’s family attended school in Summit, and he appreciated what the schools had done for his family.

    In making a large gift to the school system, Mr Hubbard turned to SAPF. The foundation expends the money based on decisions by the school superintendent, mayor, and SAPF president.

  • Sayre-Finnegan Scholarships

    Sayre-Finnegan Scholarships

    On his retirement as police chief, John Sayre’s many admirers decided to establish a scholarship fund in his name to benefit the children of Summit police officers. SAPF was chosen to administer the program.

    Some years later, upon the death of Police Lt Lawrence Finnegan, another scholarship fund was suggested. On the advice of SAPF, the two funds were combined into today’s Sayre-Finnegan Scholarship Fund.

  • Victims of Violence

    Victims of Violence

    When a local worker was beaten to death, hundreds of Summit residents sought a way to help the victim’s family. Looking for an effective and efficient way to manage the outpouring of funds, the mayor turned to SAPF.

    As a result, the foundation has established a victims’ fund in order to channel public donations to victims of violence and catastrophic events.

  • Mount Olive Temple

    Mount Olive Temple

    One of Summit’s historically black churches faced renovation costs that were beyond the means of its members. A community group turned to SAPF to manage private donations to the church’s building fund.

How to Create Your Own Legacy

The trustees of SAPF are pledged to identify and help address current issues in the region. Over time, these issues will change, and our grants will change as well.

Your unrestricted bequest or gift will help SAPF continue to address the region’s needs as they change over time.

SAPF manages these funds, with donors selecting the organizations that will receive grants.

Donors designate a broad purpose for which their gifts or bequests may be used. SAPF trustees manage the funds and select grantees whose work meets the donors’ designated purposes.

SAPF manages more than twenty scholarship funds: a dozen for Summit High School graduates, five for graduates of other area high schools, one for nursing students at Trinitas Hospital, and three others for Summit-area students.

How SAPF Manages Your Legacy

SAPF retains a money management firm that invests the funds according to policies set by the trustees.

An example of SAPF’s stewardship: In 1993, the Ganner Fund was created with a $3.2 million bequest for the benefit of children requiring specialized medical care or education. Although we have made more than $4.2 million in grants from the fund, its current value is $5.3 million, ensuring that the donor’s legacy will continue far into the future.

Bequests & Gifts

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