For Professional Advisors

Fostering Philanthropy Together

If you’re an attorney, accountant, financial planner, broker, insurance agent, estate planner, or other advisor, Summit Area Public Foundation can support you and your clients at every step in the charitable giving process.

You probably already have clients with charitable interests. We can help you identify ways for your clients to create a legacy for good — effectively and efficiently.

We can be your local philanthropic partner. We know community needs and local nonprofit organizations throughout the area. We offer a range of services and charitable funds designed to serve our local region.

How SAPF Manage Your Client’s Legacy

SAPF retains a professional money manager who invests the funds according to policies set by the trustees.

An example of SAPF’s stewardship: In 1993, the Ganner Fund was created with a $3.2 million bequest for the benefit of children requiring specialized medical care or education. Although we have made more than $4.2 million in grants from the fund, its current value is more than $5 million, ensuring that the donor’s legacy will continue far into the future.

We Can Help You:

  • Discuss charitable giving and philanthropy with your clients.
  • Identify your clients’ charitable giving interests and motivations.
  • Match your clients’ personal charitable interests with tax planning needs.
  • Create and implement charitable plans that are integrated into major business, personal and financial decisions.
  • Facilitate complex forms of giving and execute technical giving instruments (including charitable trusts).
  • Provide information on community needs and on the local nonprofit organizations and programs that make a difference.
  • Deliver grantmaking expertise and a range of administrative services related to charitable giving.

Want to help your client create a high-impact gift? Contact us to learn about community needs and opportunities—and the areas where SAPF is making a difference today.

A Legacy for Good

Philanthropic tools that SAPF can discuss with you:

  • Donor advised funds
  • Charitable bequests
  • Life-income gifts, including charitable remainder trusts
  • Efficient alternatives to establishing a private foundation
  • Gifts of appreciated stock
  • Gifts of residential real estate, possibly with lifetime occupancy for the donor or donor’s family
  • Other approaches that maximize both community benefit and tax advantages