About SAPF

Our Status

Summit Area Public Foundation is a community foundation operating under the terms of Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

The IRS has ruled that SAPF is not a private foundation under Section 509(a) of the code.

Founded in 1972, SAPF makes grants to tax-exempt organizations that fund programs in Summit, New Jersey, and nearby communities.

Financial Information

At the end of 2016, SAPF had total assets of about $16.2 million, approximately $5.8 million of which was unrestricted funds. We administer about 50 donor-advised and restricted-purpose funds, the largest of which has assets of $5.3 million.

Professional managers invest our funds. Except for investment management and accounting, all work is done by volunteers. We employ no staff.

Our 2016 operating expenses were about $97,000, of which about $94,000 was for investment management and and accounting fees.

View our most recent audit report and IRS 990 filing.


  • John CooperPresident
  • David DietzeVice President
  • Reagan BurkholderSecretary
  • Dana TurkTreasurer
  • Leah Griffith Assistant Treasurer
  • Julie Adams
  • Sandy Bloom
  • Lyle Brehm
  • Celia Colbert
  • Meg Fallin Dietrich
  • Amy Everett DiSibio
  • James Fleischmann
  • Patricia Fontan
  • Charles Gelber MD
  • Cary Hardy
  • Julie Keenan
  • Eric LeGoff
  • Sandra Lizza
  • Frank Macioce
  • Drew Maldonado
  • Ann Oliva